In one of my more recent acts of tragically mistaken pride, I deleted all my photos.




I can’t even talk about it.

So, I am extra glad that I created this video back in August made from snippets of videos that I took, both on purpose and on accident (with this weirdly cool setting that strings your photos together as you take them).

I think it actually provides a really cool and pretty accurate over-view of my time there, especially the time I spent with my groupies. It is messy, beautiful and a little bit inappropriate, and there is way too much of me trying to show off in public, but that’s why it’s real.

I think today marks 1 year since we left the safe-nest of rehearsal in sunny Sanremo and entered the freezing winter of tour. We literally drove through snow for 3 solid hours to get to our first terrible performance in Milan. And my lovelies were all hungover. We affectionately referred to that experience as Badger Day (apparently a hang over tastes like Badger) for the rest of the year.  Those first few weeks were really hard on all of us. You can hear in the first few clips how ragged my voice is. (Kinda how I sound today too!) But nothing forces you to love three strangers more than being trapped in a van that won’t stop making a horrifying beeping sound for 6 months. I promise.

And I do love these three. It took me a while to be able to say it, but I would never take back my time in  Italy. It was magical.

PS, there’s kinda a lota bad Shakespeare quoting. And I look pretty fat. It took me a long time to decide to share this with the world.  You’ve been warned. Enjoy!


One thought on “Italia

  1. A good montage of your European road trip with 4 thespians in tight spaces. The mold on the ceiling to the fax machine and then the horses was a little Tree-of-Life-esque. Take that as you will.
    So sorry about your pictures. You mean all of your Italy pictures, right? Not ALL of your pictures, certainly!

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