Message in a bottle


Romantic things happen a lot in my head. Not so much in my reality. By romantic things I don’t mean slow dances or candlelight dinners, though those are in short supply too. I mean walking down a beautiful street with falling leaves, and standing atop the battlements of a windswept castle, or having a beautiful child offer me a gift, or finding a message in the bottle.

Except that in Italy all of these things have happened.

Especially the message in a bottle.

How amazing in this?



This is the letter I wrote in reply to finding the bottle. Excuse the sentimentality, but seriously, if ever a letter to a stranger deserved to be romantical…



I sat by the sea the morning of April 10th with my two companions sleeping on either side of me. We had scrambled our way into a small cove with an abandoned private beach. With the cool sea air on my arms and the chilly water lapping at my feet, I described the beauty around me to my journal. Then I noticed a bobbing bottle, about a 100 meters out to sea. I watched it as it made its way to the shore opposite my quiet seat. In such a moment it is hard not to feel that fate is leading the way. I was the only person who saw the bottle reach shore. It was my bottle, and I felt the message inside was destined for me and only me. Questions filled my mind. I knew I would never be easy till I could examine it for myself. Sneaking away from my dozing friends, I clambered over rocks and entered the water with my shoes and pants still on to fish out my prize. Once I had it in hand, I was so pleased to see a portrait staring back at me. I had feared the message would be in a language that would need translation. Once I saw that you had left an email in hopes of being contacted, I decided to tell you the story of finding the bottle, as that is what I would hope for on such an occasion. I made up my mind to write to you as soon as I could, before the romance of the experience wore off.

I left the beautiful beaches of Castiglieoncello that afternoon. My two friends I had been enjoying our Easter holidays there. Now I am in Borgo A Mazzano with my colleagues. Just another stop on our 6 month tour of Italy as English teachers/actors. My time in Italy will end in July, after which I will return to my native California. I speak very little Italian, and so I hope that you will be able to understand or translate this message.

Is the portrait of you? I would love to hear about you, and the story of the bottle. I love stories.

Here is a photo of me having just found your bottle. If you want any other information about it please let me know.

Kindest regards,


Here’s to the unexpected and what we do with it.


2 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. Wow Miranda! What an amazing story. It seems like you are having a great time in Italy. I also love your hat. I am spending the next 6 months performing Vaudeville in Pismo Beach, CA, so im having an adventure too. Xoxo

  2. That is so exciting! I love your writing! You make everything seem ever more amazing (not that this isnt!) Keep us posted on the msg in a bottle! what an awesome 6 month adventure….ahhhh

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