The long and short of it, with pictures

I am feeling a bit homesick. The hours here are very long and many times the days feel like weeks. Most every morning I wake up and remind myself that I am not in Utah or California. I have to think in a process, “I am in Italy. I am in ‘name of town’ (if I can remember it). I am in a flat with my three roommates. Today is ‘day’ ­­­­(if I can remember it).” It’s disconcerting. Last night I dreamed that I called my mom and asked if I could come home for dinner. Of course I did. I introduced my group mates to her and grandpa and we ate and laughed and went to bed. Then I woke up in Italy sad to be so far from home. I think this is the first time in my life I have been properly homesick. In the past I think I’ve always been having to good a time to miss much of anything. I’ve got too much time to think here.

But in some senses, I don’t know which home to be sick for. I also miss Cedar and my Festival family terribly. I am sad when I think about the work I am missing out on there and I appreciate even more then sheer amazingness of the work I was a part of in that education department.

Still, I’m in Italy. I’m not asking for sympathy. It’s just a new feeling for me to have. It’s beautiful here. I enjoy the work I am doing in the schools with kids. I’m enjoying playing with an audience. But I am often frustrated with the quality of the teaching and the we are able to do, and the situation in which we are expected to give it. Then there are the frustrations of packing the car every day, getting up early, sharing a bathroom…and eating a pizza bigger than any plate most every day.

My group and I are getting on better and better every day. I am in love with each of them. I will dedicate one post to each of them in the future. It’s sort of like the mission with companions. Once you realize you can’t escape them you start to love them. We have fun in lots of non-mission approved ways. We eat a lot. We rock out in the car, and not to EFY music. But I feel lonely, in the way that you can only feel lonely when you are constantly surrounded by people that you have only known for a month.

In short, July and home feel a long way away.

But here are some pictures if I can get them to load.

Here we are teaching ‘Chicago’ at an all boys school. The parts of Roxie and Velma were HILARIOUS.

Here is a Michelangelo exhibit in Turino that we walked into.

Here is a skanky hostel we stayed at in Alisandria. Gross. Most of our accommodations have been much nicer.

Here is a space for ‘Lady Park’ only. I guess.

Here are my new friends from the Milan ward, Sharon and Andy. I am their seventh daughter.

The weather seems to be warming up, at last. I can’t wait till spring so I can throw away my coat and all my stupid layers.

I suppose I should try and enjoy it since it will be my last winter for a few years. In case you missed the notice, I found out, the night of the skanky hostel, that I am going to be starting school  at ASU in Tempe Az in August. My feeling are mixed, but I am feeling like its the right thing to do.

More on that later.

I really hate not having regular internet access, but again, I am trying to enjoy this quiet time apart. Just let me know if you have any ideas on how to do that.

Love you all.


4 thoughts on “The long and short of it, with pictures

  1. My ideas of how to enjoy quiet time apart:

    1. Make goals of everything you want to do, even little things. It’s hard to feel lonely or homesick when you’re accomplishing your goals and seeing cool things, and when there’s always something else on the list!
    2. Be friendly and outgoing. Talk to random people and become friends with the people you normally do see, like the cashier at the grocery store. Be nice to people, even if you see their faults and wouldn’t normally be their friend.
    3. Pray for FUN!
    4. Be grateful for the things and the friends that you do have.
    5. Write in your journal.
    6. Count the things in your life that are so awesome.
    7. Clean something. It always helps me feel better.
    8. Maintain a spirit of adventure and maybe take different routes around the city to get where you’re going if you have time.

    That’s all I came up with. I am excited that you’re in Italy. I hope you’re taking advantage of the access to all that awesome food, architecture and culture! Take plenty of photos to share!

    • CB, you read my mind! This morning I woke up and made some goals about being friendly and more spiritual.
      I left my journal at a motel a couple weeks ago, they are sending it back to me luckily. I have been missing it terribly. I clean as much as I can. I’m getting a reputation for it, I think.
      Thanks for the wise words.
      Miss you!

  2. So that’s who those people were at dinner the other night! I was confused when all those Aussies showed up looking for American eats!

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