Firsts and Plans

In the last few days I’ve spoken to some of you via chat services. And some of you have referred to my trip to Italy as ‘very romantic.’ So far it does feel pretty romantic, I’m not going to fight you on that. Last night was a series of scenes from a coming of age/fish out of water PG adventure movie. Firsts included dancing with an Italian guy, having a sing-along jam in a smoky jazz bar called The Cave, standing really close to a legit roulette table, and generally having a great time with very happy people who have no regrets about doing things I don’t do—at all—till way passed my high school curfew. It was fun.

But it’s not all romantic. Now it’s tonight, my third Saturday night in Italy. I am in a decent-sized hotel room in a nightgown at 10:15pm with two other lovely ladies also in PJs. We are all staring at computer screens or scripts and looking anything but romantic. All I want to do is try and stream Season 2 of Downton Abbey, but the internet net is not cooperating.

This morning I was up at 8:30 for 9am breakfast service. From there I made my way to the Sanremo market with my roommies with the goal of buying coat. I found a pretty nice one. It’s black, warm, and puffy and has a furry collar. Not a bad description for a boyfriend. Any probably the closest I’ll get to something to snuggle with for the next long while. I managed to get the coat, some cheap gloves, socks, and scarves for under E50, which seems pretty good.

I needed to get a few things to bundle up with because I found out one of my first tour stop is going to be in the North East of the country, which is essentially the Alps. Alps are not an image I have associated with Italy in the past, but they were the very first thing I saw as I flew into the country. They are SERIOUS mountains. Like the Rockies. Like, they are scary looking. Like, Hannibal, what were you thinking?

Here is the list of the approximate places I will be going by ‘state’, in approximately the order I’ll be there with absolutely no specifics, and in Italian. (This has about as much meaning for me as it does for you, since my understanding of Italian geography is limited, to say the least.)


Jan 30- Feb 18



Lombardia (Milan is the capitol here)


Feb 20-Mar 10




Mar 12-April 4


Roma/Umbria (1 week)

Romangna/Lombardia/Marches (1 week)


April 5-10 Easter Break, this location is up to me. And I am open to suggestions on what to do with it. Maybe Napoli (Ie



April 11-May 5

Tuscany (Florence is the capitol here)

“South” (One week+)

Lombardia (ie North)


May 7-June 2

Marches (2 weeks)

Lombardia (1 week)

Vento (1 week)

We may have a couple more weeks of work after that.

Things to notice.

Sardinia is actually a real place! I thought it was some ancient kingdom that crumbled centuries ago. Turns out it’s just an island, that has been crumbling into the sea for centuries.  Tangent: I ate sardines more or less on purpose this week. They were on a foccacia bread I bought, and I ate it without even attempting to pick them off. No Fear!

I don’t think that Sicily actually pricks the toe of the boot as it is pictured here.

Italy boarders Francy (this is a typo, but I’m gonna leave it, cuz I like it), Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, And is really close to Croatia. I am suddenly captivated by the idea of Croatia. I don’t know why. Also Morocco, but that one I understand. My friend Crystal went there and has amazing pictures. Also, that would be Africa, which would be incredible. The wild beauty of Africa has drawn me since childhood.

The tour will almost certainly be finished by June 15. I have already purchased my ticket to come home on July 5. That gives me more than three weeks to go wherever I want/can on a limited budget.

Did I mention round-trip flights to Jerusalem are only about $400 from Milan. Just something to keep in mind.

It’s a big world. The more I’m in it, the closer I end up to other thing that I want to see, and the more I want to see.


5 thoughts on “Firsts and Plans

  1. Your travel descriptions make me super nostalgic for my bygone past, particularly the dominican republic trip. One thing I just love about travel is all of the moments where you look around and think (imagine Dad singing the Talking Heads) “how did I get here?!” Dancing with an Italian! Smoky jazz clubs! An itinerary of bygone kingdoms! (Two ‘bygones in one comment?–it’s late, for moms of babies.)

    As for what to do for the last weeks of your trip. I would love to see the South of Francy. Morrocco! Yes, please! And everyone I know that has gone to Croatia has loved it, although I hear the capital is overrun with cruise ship tourists. Melanie served her mission there and could probably give me some hints about where you should go, and Britta just went this summer and found some smaller non-touristy areas they loved. Great beaches. But Morrocco! I want my Christmas present for there, maybe?

    On the upside for me… I’ve been able to watch Downton Abby. No problems with my “internet net”.

  2. Sounds awesome! Enjoy your adventure. I wish you could see Downton Abbey though! I am going crazy just waiting a week between episodes. Good luck with that. Love you!

  3. I got behind in my reading! I’m not skipping ahead to today, though… :o)

    I want to see a route map of your travels, like the Apostle Paul in the back of the KJV. Then you could add other colored routes in the future… bwahahaha… maybe even to Francy and Germy, as well as It’ly.

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