It’s About the ‘Giorni’

(pronounced je-our-ni, i.e. journey, which means ‘day’ in Italiano)

Or is it?








In this instance I have to say: no. When dealing with Italy, I was all about the destination. Getting up at 4:30am and traveling until the equivalent of 10am the next day and having irregular sustenance provided in little lukewarm plastic trays by ladies wearing pantyhose and heels  gets one feeling a little loopy and not much interested in the journey, and a little unsure of what giorni it is.

Lessons I learned:

Go with the flow. The flow of people will almost always lead you aright, especially when they can read the signage and you have only ‘Englese.’

1. Always explore the whole terminal before you buy a $9 gross oliveie pizza. There was Wendy’s right around the corner. Duh! (I still got Wendy’s as a final American salute.)


2. Try not to judge the people around you for their on-demand in flight viewing choices. Except those fat teenage boys from Sweden who are watching Mr. Poppers’ Penguins.

(I on the other hand was able to take in Contagion (not a great choice when you might be coming down with something while traveling in foreign lands) Crazy, Stupid, Love (in which Steve Carell and Emma Stone continued to win me over, but in which I was disappointed in both Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling)) AND (remember how many hours spent at 38,000 feet toady?) Cowboys and Aliens…which sucked despite Daniel Craig’s eyes. You see, even my own good taste and reason got squeezed out of me as the leg room closed in.)

3. Birds. They are always watching. A Sparrow in the Dulles airport escorted me back to my gate hoping for a French- fry before he got too scared of my unwashed hair and confused stare to stick around for the rewards of his efforts. I wonder if that sparrow got stuck in the airport on accident or if it was a life choice, or if he was born there in the Dulles Airport Sparrow Colony. Also, the pigeons at the Milan train station, fat pigeons, are pecking awfully close to my feet.

4. As I wandered around the Brussels Airport I realized there are a lot of places in the world. There were lines of people going places I’ve never heard of: Faro, Fuerteventura, Chennai, Kinshasa, Djerba. I don’t even know what countries those are in.  Yet there they are. These are people I’d never ever seen or been aware of, and they are on their way to places where our paths will likely never cross again.


Other Thoughts I had while in the Brussels airport:

  1.  I can’t find a waffle.
  2. I am having a hard time believing that it’s really 8am here since there is no hint of sunrise.
  3. The Chocolatier doesn’t sell individual truffles. And I’m won’t spend E18 on a box. Which is sad. A lot.

6 thoughts on “It’s About the ‘Giorni’

  1. My JADE-GREEN envy over your great adventure is hard to contain, but I feel FURY over the truffles — I want you to have them, and not at E18! Hooray for getting OUT of airports.

    Keep telling us the stories, Mirrr. I love all of them, already. Say hello to Algeria for me, too.

  2. Keep these coming. You have a gift. I remember when you used to blog on a very frequent basis, long before Shakespeare teaching, writing and data recording took over your life. Excited to read more.

  3. Please continue to document your “Giorni”. I will continue to document mine as well. It will not be as exciting. I love you! Do you have an address for people to send letters, etc?

  4. I’m so jealous that you’re in Italy! I love your insights on traveling, especially all the places in the world that are totally unknown to us and all the people in the world that for one tiny moment you’re in the same realm as, never to come into contact with again. It really makes you realize how big the world is and how many people are in it.

    So sad about the truffles. You’re a better, more fiscally sound person than I am – I would have spent the money for the box. Good for you, though so sad, too.

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