Oscar Party, etc.

For my boss’ potluck Oscar party tonight the theme is ‘Best Picture.’ I think they chose this because, with 10 films nominated, pretty much ANYTHING can match the theme. I have only seen three of the nominated films, UP, Avatar, and The Blind Side. I kind of don’t think any of them will, or really should win, but we’ll see.

In any case, taking a more literal approach, this is the treat I decided to make:

See the resemblance? Well, I hope someone gets it. The Twizzlers were B’s idea. I thought they worked pretty well.

In other news, B and I spent our combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting in a very immature manner. The lesson was about using the new Family Search online resource. Which is easy, by the way. So we did this instead:

It’s full of all our recent inside jokes which mainly stem from Star Wars, Strong Bad Email, 30 Rock and the Scriptures (no disrespect intended of course).

We then broke our fast with some killer homemade Philly cheese steaks. Awesome.



3 thoughts on “Oscar Party, etc.

  1. Love the Avatar rice crispy heads. Very nice. Also, I enjoyed your depiction of Meat Cat. Ian is constantly singing the cheesy blasters song during dinner. I swear my cooking isn’t that bad. Anyway, I’m looking forward to enjoying the Oscars tonight! Ok, let’s be honest, I’m starting with the Barbara Walters special as soon as we finish dinner.
    PS-I think that Hurt Locker will win best picture, but seeing as how I had to cover my eyes during the trailer, I don’t think I’ll be watching that movie. Ever.

  2. Waoh. I’m so happy that you and Ian enjoy the Meat Cat Theme as much as Bubba and I.
    “You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza! You got cheesy Blasters!”
    (And then Meat-Cat flies away on his, um, skateboard.)

    I came close to watching The Hurt Locker, but in the end the reported 73 F-bombs deterred me. Also, the little boy stuffed with explosives. I think it has a strong chance too.

  3. I thought I had commented earlier… Guess not! I love the rice crispy treats. I may have to borrow that idea in the future…

    I think it’s so cool that you’re marrying a man that truly is your friend. Wow! You’re seriously blessed!!

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