What I’m thankful for:

(In order of my thought process)

Getting to marry a man who I love deeply, and who loves me for who I am, and what he sees in me

An amazing, loving, supportive family, who I can laugh with, and love to be around

A generous and gracious future mother and father in law

A job that I enjoy that that provides enough and to spare for me financially

A safe and comfortable home in a beautiful town

No more roommates

Only one more month of attending a singles ward

The gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement

The Holy Spirit which guides me and answers my prayers

A Father in Heaven who loves me enough to let me make my own choices

A mother on earth who sacrifices her time and energy everyday to make my life better

An expansive network of extended family

Flowers that smell good


A strong and healthy body that allows me to do anything I want


Windy days

A fireplace

Celadon—a particular green—and pearl

There are lots and lots more. But that’s all I can come up with before we leave to Aunt Nancee’s house. Turkey Time!!


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