After a long day of coughing (sick again) and packing I’m looking around at my empty room thinking that I’m glad I haven’t acquired much more than two car-loads of material possessions in this life.  I’m moving into my own place, around the corner from where I am right now.

This means that I am done with roommates, forever. Hopefully I will have just one more, of my own choosing, in the not so distant future. But for now I’ve got an indiscriminate amount of time to be living on my own. And, on the whole, I am thrilled about this.

I’ve had long experience in sharing a room/living space and at last count was at an even 40 roommates.

Here are some random memories I’ve had with my various roommates over the years


Sally—One time I fell asleep in your bed without meaning to. You were nice enough to sleep in mine, on the top bunk.

Katie—I used to have dreams where I couldn’t get the phone to stop ringing, but then I would wake up are realize it was your alarm going off for seminary. I think this has given me a life long aversion to loud alarm clocks.

BYU-I Dorms


Laura—you were not good at hygiene or pronouncing words with ‘ng’ ending. That drove me nuts, and into the home of my excellent next-door neighbors.

Joni—I thought you were suicidal, but it turned out you just wanted to get married. Glad that has worked out for you.


Quiet Girl I don’t remember

Girl from Virginia…Sara? Jen? Something like that.


Tawnya—In the top 5 funniest people I’ve ever known. Bless you wherever you are.

Colonial House, BYU-I

Lindsay—Sorry I yelled at you and your future husband, but seriously, get a room.


Sarah—my best room-sharer ever. We both liked to sleep in the cold.



Condo Row, BYU


Mean Heather—why were you so mean? It was just a cinnamon roll.





Australia Melbourne Mission



Tukufuka—Looking back on it, Mean Heather was a good prep for you.





Wang 1—First roommate with a serious language barrier. It made for really, really, fun times. Seriously. Hilarious.


Wiltbank—Oldest roommate ever, at 73. How many people can say that? And you are awesome, by the way.

Wang 2

Deer Haven, BYU



Cedar City

Melissa—I’m going to be honest. You are messy.





Suzanne—You call it ‘Short-term memory loss,’ I call it ‘kleptomania.’



So through the good times, the less good times, and even the Mean Heather times, I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to know such a wide variety of interesting, talented, hilarious women during my time as a single adult. I will miss learning from you all. But I am supremely happy that I will never have to wash your dishes ever again.

14 thoughts on “Roommies

  1. I’m proud that I’m among those that earned a little blurb from you. And here’s to you finding your lifelong roommate- you deserve it 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting your own place. There is definitely something to be said for only having to clean up your own mess. Although that does change when you get a forever roommate. Sigh. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your freedom/solitude/cleanliness!

  3. Why was that one Heather SO mean? And her sister had no clue on how to say/spell represenTaTive!
    This makes me want to do something similar, which would be longer, but I think I could name them all.
    Also, I appreciate getting a nice blurb and being the very first (although I guess it’s not like you chose), but I thought maybe I’d get something for the mattresses and stairs, eh?

  4. That sounds awesome! You were right, I was messy! I guess that was the affect of working 4 contracts, I am usually the “cleaner” of the house so I am sorry you had me during Shakespeare! 🙂 I am excited to see your own place!! wahoO!

  5. What a fun post! 40 roommates, eh? That’s a lot. I don’t have that many, but this has made me want to see if I could list them all, too.

    I’m excited for you – I love living alone and hope that you do, too. At least until your new roommate moves in. 🙂

  6. I loved this post, Miranda! It made me want to see if I could list all of mine and describe them each in a sentence. I like how honest you were, too. I think I’d be too scared that some would stumble upon my blog and be dismayed at what they saw. That’s what I love about you, though. You live dangerously.

  7. Sally– Mattress/stairs times was the best of roommate times. I was so close to putting Stacey, Jen and Michelle on this list–I seemed so weird to just put you and Nicole, cuz it seemed like we had three other roommates. Le sigh…. excellent times.

    Note to all– I have failed to remember two of my roommates names. Quiet girl whose parents were forcing her into a business major, and girl from Orange County Virginia. Which is what a learned further from going back and reviewing my journals. So, WE, even though I might have done better than you, I also couldn’t name all of my roommates–and in a high intensity situation like having a gun to my head, I would probably do even worse.

    Danniey–That’s right! I am dangerous! Just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I thought about giving them all a sentence, but most of them were just too boring to deserve one. Oh! served again!

  8. Very funny stuff, Miranda! 40 roommates ~ I’m very impressed. I only had 3, and it about killed me. One I’m sure, escaped from the mental hospital in Blackfoot, one was a real kick & in fact, I reconnected with her about 4 years ago, and the other was just plain weird. After that, I was done with roommates.

    P.S. Your honesty is refreshing 🙂

  9. Awesome. First, awesome that you remember just about all of those 40 roommates! Second, awesome that you were so honest. It made me laugh. Hopefully, your next and last roommate will be the best roommate ever!!!! (But don’t count on perfection, he’s still human.)

  10. Was the Amy on the top me? You have nothing….?
    Oh well once again you cracked me up! You will find anoying habits of your new roomate but just learn to love them you’ll probabl never change them! hehehe 🙂 Speaking from years of experiance.

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