not my actual game.

not my actual game.

I finally did it. Now I never have to play, ever again. EVER. I beat Minesweeper on expert. Such a fantastic and terrible waste of multiple hours of my life.

Just a small celebration required. Can I get a “Woot-Woot!”



I understand.

Enjoy this when you think about me:


Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Mineswept.

  1. yay! woot woot! i’ll give credit where it’s due. not a waste, miranda. just check it off or your list of things to acomplish in your lifetime…

  2. Don’t mistake my tone because if this is a real result I am amazed. But by the tone and wording I assume you are saying that this is the first time you beat expert after much trying.

    If this is the case do you honestly think we will believe that the first time you beat expert, you did it in 83 seconds. Come on.

    None the less, if this is a genuine screen shot I do have to say good work and you have some of my respect.

    • Dear Philip,
      Thank you for your approval and your comment. Not sure how you stumbled on my blog or who you are.
      This was, in fact, the first and only time I beat Minesweeper on expert. However, if you revisit the post you will find that I very clearly labeled the picture at the top as ‘not my actual game.’ I got this picture from a random google image search. Sorry for the confusion.
      Thanks for visiting.

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