Goodbye to clocks ticking…and other stuff.

Today at work I took occasion to realize that starting in just about two weeks I will be diving in, once again, to the horror and ‘fun’ that is my life in July and August. What with staffing cuts and the added responsibility of actually knowing what I’m doing, this year promises to be even more exhausting than last. Starting July 6th I will work 37, count them with me, Thirty-Seven days in a row at my beloved festival. I actually do get one lovely Sabbath entirely free on August 8th, but the rest of my Saturdays and Sundays I will be at work 4-6 hours.

I hope I survive with any social skills beyond reprimanding teenagers.

I’ll be dead for a while. Alas, I do love my job.

In related news, I’m listening to Shubert’s #9 on my I-tunes a song that takes me straight back to almost three and one half years ago to a summery December in my beloved Echuca, Australia. It was so HOT, and I was so ON FIRE with missionary work. Ah… the hard times are the good times in retrospect.

Can’t believe I’ve been home for three years.

Just before my release. A bit dazed, I think.

Just before my release, June 06. Looking a bit dazed, I think.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to clocks ticking…and other stuff.

  1. WOw! Good luck to your upcoming challanges. You will face them with all the awesomeness that is Miranda and will overcome. Just like you did on your mission. It’s fun to see your mission picture. Even more fun cuddling with you in a tent 🙂 Love you!

  2. Yikes! Your July/August sounds like my May/June. Thankfully, my busy time is winding down. I hope yours goes smoothly and that I get to see you occasionally during it. Or, at the end of it, if that’s how it turns out. 🙂

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