“Come, let us dance like children of the night!”

–So I Married an Ax Murderer

To top off this dream come true, there were actual snarky Russians wandering around the Palace of Fine Arts with us.


I had a blast last week in San Fran with my fav BYU-I buddies/roomies Sarahaha and Jodina. Since I saw most of the very touristy stuff on my visit back when I was an ugly child I didn’t feel inclined to see those things. Instead my friends took me to some of their favorite places.


We visited Muir Woods, a BEAUTIFUL redwood forest


And Stintson Beach. Loverly.

I got to meet some of their new friends at church on Sunday and then spent Monday and Tuesday entertaining myself in Downtown Walnut Creek. Very posh.


We ate a lot, talked even more, and laughed the most. I had a most refreshing and enjoyable time.


This was followed by several more happy days spent with my amazing fam at Doheney Beach in SoCal. The weather was agreeable and the company was amazing.





3 thoughts on ““Come, let us dance like children of the night!”

  1. I’ve missed you! So glad you had a fun trip to California!

    Totally evil of you to post a picture of such a yummy-looking ice cream sundae. Ice cream isn’t usually a weakness for me, but coincidentally, I’ve been really craving it lately. Sigh. I’m sure it didn’t taste as good as it looks, right? Right!?!? 🙂

  2. We got a two-for-one on these posts! Yippee!

    It loks like your trip to SF was fun. I am so travel hungry. I want to go somewhere. But no money, and a baby to take care of… He’s worth it though.

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