How I’ve missed you


Dear TacoBell

Nearly two years ago, as a new resident of Cedar City, I walked into my local Taco Bell expecting a tasty lunch before I hit to road. I have been a life long Taco Bell fan and was eagerly anticipating my regular Fiesta Burrito, fresco style, and perhaps a Bean Burrito to go along. However, upon entering the restaurant I found not only a long line of other customers waiting to order, but also a filthy eating area complete with rotten odor and flies buzzing. My order was eventually taken by a blankly-staring, pimply-faced teenage boy who then retreated to the very messy and gloveless kitchen area, theoretically to fill the waiting orders. I waited, along with my fellow customers for about twenty minutes. By that time we were all muttering under our breath and checking our watches. I don’t remember any orders actually being served during the wait, though it’s possible some were produced. After an attempt at calling customer service I decided my time and health standards were worth more than the $2.50 spent on the creepy elusive burrito. I walked out. I didn’t ask for a refund. And I didn’t go back. This was so unlike the clean, cheap, quick and tasty Taco Bell I was accustomed to receiving that I vowed I wouldn’t return, and I hadn’t until today.

Sweet today.

I had heard there was new management a while ago, but the pain was still too fresh, like good fresco salsa. Yet, when I walked trepidatiously into the restaurant I was kindly greeted by a mature woman who genially helped the customer in front of me, and then took my order with complete accuracy. She then picked up a spray bottle and washrag and proceeded to the seating area to wipe down the already fresh smelling tables. My chicken burritos were up before I even had time to decide about using the restroom. I checked my order before I left. It was accurate and hot, just what I wanted. I thanked the server and left smiling. I didn’t tell them about my past experience, but I am happy to say, you have won me back.

I am happy to have my faith in your cooperation and products restored, and hope you are happy to have my dollars back in your tills. I have already told all my friends about how pleased a have been with this redemptive experience via my Facebook page, and hope that it will produce further business for your fine company.

With Gratitude,

Miranda Giles

4 thoughts on “How I’ve missed you

  1. Mmmmm . . . taco bell. I haven’t been there in forever, mainly due to their lack of “chickens and fries.” I will have to remember that the next time I am out and about sans picky eating 3 year olds. BTW that is a great letter. I hope you actually sent it to Taco Bell.

  2. It’s so cool that you actually sent the letter! I’m a believer in letting companies know when they’re doing a good job. So often, they either get no feedback or just negative (which is helpful, if somewhat of a downer), so positive feedback is rare and precious. Woohoo!

    I’m glad that you had a better experience with Taco Bell and now you can enjoy it on a more regular basis. Hmmm. I haven’t been there in years myself, but I used to enjoy their Mexican Pizza when I lived in Salt Lake. Mmmm.

  3. I got a form letter back from them in the mail yesterday. No coupons or anything…sheesh. It said they would send it on ‘to the appropriate venue’ or something like that. At least I hope the fat lady who took my order gets to hear about it, but probably not.
    Oh well. Civic duty for April– Check.

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