Yeah, snort-snort, yeah, I’m way excited.

This looks awesome.

I know, it’s just about the nerdiest thing imaginable, but I love Star Trek.  And hold on to your hats because this about to get much nerdier. MUCH.

In during the month of December (well, it was supposed to take a lot longer than a month, but we got excited) some friends and I spent quite a few late nights watching all 10 of the previous Star Trek movies. It was awesome. Most of them are really forgettable, and I fell asleep a lot, but it was still an accomplishment on some level.

My love for Star Trek is not a simple appreciation either.  It is inextricably tied to memories of my father. I vividly remember sitting through the Next Generation pilot  episode (Encounters at Farpoint part1.) with one eye on the screen and one eye on my Fathers face. My four-year-old feelings tried to keep up with his on the journey from skepticism to enthralled enthusiasm. I remember a few years later as the two of us, and probably some of my other siblings, watched in horror as a season finale featured the brave Capt. Picard being transformed into a Borg (Resistance was Futile.) I don’t remember what was said at the end of that cliff-hanger, but I have the distinct impression that it was the strongest reaction I ever saw him give a television set.  Star Trek was something like foot-ball to other Dads. I also remember the final episode by this time my eleven-year-old self was mostly disappointed that Jean Luke and Beverly never really hooked up. Luckily there was Capt. Sisko on Deep Space Nine already airing to fill the gap. I love the original series as well. All the shows were generally extremely well written and had interesting character and thrilling plots.

There were many delights and lessons along the way. For better or worse, I think it formed a lot of my artistic and ethical sensibilities. Did you know that The Original Series featured the first ever interracial kiss on TV? It was between Kirk and Uhura. Of course it was forced on them under the telekinetic powers of aliens. There were lots of episodes about the importance of free-will, and non-interference (It’s the Prime Directive). The positive ideals that dictated the show came from the creator, Gene Roddenberry. He believed the universe to be a friendly place where the objective should be to explore, do some good, and, if necessary, blow up the bad guys. A pretty good philosophy.

I loved that the show had a well developed sense of humor. I could be very tongue-in-cheek about itself. In the end, despite the serious numbers of CRAZY Trekkies out there the creators and actors knew that they were just a Sci-Fi show. But a Sci-Fi show that knew how to wield it’s power better than any other. The created characters and situations that worked as symbols of modern life:

The Q, the havoc and boredom that come with the ability to know everything, ie Hackers.

The Borg, the danger of seeking to perfect ourselves through dependence on technology.

The Klingons, the ever-shifting relationship between the US and other world powers like China or Russia. Sometimes friend, sometimes foe.

Vulcans, over-reliance on logic, loss of emotional reason.

The list goes on and on, but the protagonists of the show, Star Fleet Command, are us. Americans/Westerners who seek for all things good. They dare to dream, dare to do what it right, and boldly go where no one has gone before!

I could go on, but I think I’ve more than made my case. Do you have a favorite Star Trek moment in your life? Or a favorite character?

And the final question: Do I make a jumpsuit costume for the premiere party on May 7th?


10 thoughts on “Yeah, snort-snort, yeah, I’m way excited.

  1. I absolutely believe that your should make a jumpsuit costume for the premiere. If you don’t you will look stupid with all the other opening-night-midnight-premiere trekkies. 🙂 I don’t recall much about Star Trek. I remember we had a Star Trek movie on VHS, but I don’t really remember ever watching it. I do remember your dad being really into Star Trek. Ian wants to see the movie, so I may end up being drawn in. We shall see.

  2. Is it nerdy that I spent about 20 minutes after church with a guy yesterday theorizing about Lost, as well as other brilliant JJ Abrams creations, including this new Star Trek?

    And… jumpsuit costume: WAY nerdy. Meh whatever.

    The Borg = socialism/communistic ideals

  3. I must admit that I’m not much of a Star Trek watcher, though what little I’ve seen has been enjoyable. I remember being sad when Spock “died” and enjoyed the movie when they travel back in time to steal a whale for some reason. I’ve caught bits of the various series but never enough to grab my attention.

    I hope you enjoy this new movie and that you wear the jumpsuit opening night. Why not be a little crazy-fun? 🙂

  4. Shan, I would love to make a jumpsuit, but let’s be honest. I couldn’t pass a Star Fleet fitness test, and only those who can should be seen in a jumpsuit. I might have to look a little further for my costume.

    Cardine, yes it is nerdy. Glory in it. I was considering ending this post by talking about how my early love of Star Trek prepared me perfectly for wonderful shows like Lost. It’s so true. Anyone who appreciates Lost should be able to appreciate Star Trek. Why haven’t we spent any time theorizing? What lies in the shadow of the Statue?!
    Also, you may be right about the Borg. I’ll have to think about it. And you would look hot in the jumpsuit, unlike me.

    Julie, Lucky for us all Spock did not in fact die. He was able to put his ‘Katra’ (Spirit) into McCoy and was eventually found and saved in the third movie- The Search for Spock. Hence, he was there to swim with the alien whales in the fourth movie– The Voyage Home. Snortsnort.

  5. Also… you are too kind about the jumpsuit, but honestly, I think that if I could truly pull it off, then you could, too. Theorizing: Wednesday night. Be there.

  6. Very well thought out post! Cardine beat me to the punch on the Borg representing Communism.

    When I was newly diagnosed with JRA and a CRAZY doctor thought to prescribe a 10 yr old 3 advil, thrice daily, I paid the price by getting asprin overdose. To get back at that doctor, my body decided to vomit with avengence for 2 days and nights.
    I guess dad was low on roofs because he was around watching the Capt’n Kirk “Star Trek” for much of the time. I watched many an episode with him. Like you, I watched dad half the time, of course finding the parts he laughed at to be extra funny. I love all the sounds from the original. The theme song of course, but the little noises like the doors opening and shutting of the futuristic doors, the mechanisms on the bridge, the sound of the transporter, etc.
    Once on a radio show they played one of the bridge sounds as a quiz for their contestant and I amazed everyone around me by knowing what it was from. If they were a Giles, they’d know it too.
    Star Trek memories scream childhood much like ‘The Run Around Song’ would if I heard it on a piano. Or maybe me and Amy’s Sesame Street record we used to listen too. Or sunsuits, or mom’s hot pink and orange moo-moo thing she wore after church every Sunday.
    Thanks for the post and being a Trekkie. Yes it is nerdy that you “spent quite a few late nights watching all 10 of the previous Star Trek movies” and that you know that many details about the many shows and movies through the years, but I love you all the better for it!
    (Just don’t go there with Deep space 9- that was lame-o) (and no on the jumpsuit- but maybe a communicator thingy?)

  7. Katie, Yeah. I watched a couple of episodes of the Original series on last night and was shocked at how all the whistles and beeps and music took me right back. It was awesome. Doesn’t it make you wonder what your kids will look back on when they are grown?

    Cardine, what about Wednesday?

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