1st Quarter books in review:

So, you know, I love to read. I decided to keep a record of the books that I read, and how I liked or didn’t like them. This will be the first post of quite a few this year I expect. Maybe someday when I grow up I’ll review all the books that are already on my book list a few pages over. For what it’s worth–enjoy.

terabithia1Bridge To Terabithia: 2 days. I loved the reality of these characters. This author knows that children are not stupid. She understands that they feel just as much, or even more rawly that adults often do. The relationships between Jesse, his parents and his sisters were difficult and very real. At the same time the author is able to capture the joy and mystery of the world of pretend. Leslie and Jesse’s ventures into Terabithia flow seamlessly from crystalline reality to self-aware pretense. I was bothered by the choppy nature of the chapters and wish there could have been more to draw them together. Also the denouement seemed a little too neat, but I couldn’t have come up with anything better. (I also enjoyed the 2007 film, which captures the essence and takes out some of the hard edges of the plot, i.e. Janice Avery’s father being abusive.)

despereauxThe Tale of Despereaux: 3 days. This was a (one of the) book club book last year (that I didn’t get around to reading). I was really excited about it, but I was sadly let down. The prose was beautiful, there were some lovely ideas, and strong narrative voice, but I was left feeling that the author was over- acheiveing. The characters came off a bit unsteady, and the plot seemed unsure of it’s purpose. There was one page somewhere toward the end that I remember likeing very much. If I ever do finish my book this will be a good example to me of a few very tricky slips to avoid.

beddlebardTales of Beedle the Bard: 1 day. I actually had read all the tales back when they were first released on Amazon. My hard bound new copy came with insightful commentary from Prof. Dumbledore. How could I resist. The tales were equally enjoyable the second time through and carried greater meaning with combined with JK’s wonderful insight through the voice of her most beloved character. I especially loved the tale of the three witches and the Fountain of Fair Fortune. It reminded me of my own sagacious princes.  

peacegiverThe Peacegiver: 2.5 days. I liked it. It wasn’t what I had expected. I didn’t realize it was going to be so fictionalized. I have reflected on it several times since I finished. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever had a hard time forgiving others, themselves, or thinking that they didn’t need to. I guess that’s pretty much everyone. The unexplored facets of the atonement shared through the old testament tales of Abigail and Jonah  were powerful and thought provoking.

One thought on “1st Quarter books in review:

  1. The only book I’ve read this year so far is Austenland. I guess I should read some more.

    I want read Tales of Beedle the Bard.

    Hey, so this reminds me: should we have a book club book for March? I still haven’t gotten the one from January that I reserved yet, but I could always reserve another.

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