In lieu of a Christmas update letter

The time has rushed past, and it’s Christmas again.

Time to reflect on the year that has been.

With trips close to home, and to distant places,

I’ve made many new friends, seen so many faces.

The year has flown by me, now it’s Christmas once more.

Time to ponder the birth of a child, my Lord,


His life, and his mission, and his saving grace.

And I think of that day when I’ll, at last, see his face.

What will I say when he asks what I did?

What did I accomplish with the time as it slid?

I could rattle off movies, and websites, and sales,

 And good chats with friends, and troubles with males.


But no. My Saviour, and King will wish to know more.

He may ask, did you give and not worry who for?

Did you lift; did you share, as you promised to do?

Did you comfort your brothers, as I comforted you?

Did you stand as a witness at all times, in each season?

Did you help those in need without needing a reason?


I want to embrace him, and hold my head high,

And without any shame, look him straight in the eye.

‘Yes, Dearest brother, I tried my best.

I did what you asked. Did I pass the test?’

I want him to smile, a heart-melting smile.

‘My child, I’m so grateful you walked the extra mile.

I couldn’t be prouder. You’ve done what I asked.

You now shall be first, since you put yourself last.’


This season, this winter, this time of renewing

Begs that I do what I know I should be doing.

I sit now and I think, I’ve a long way to go

To earn this reward, but he’ll help me, I know.

For though He can’t hold my hand while I’m tried,

He sends his me his spirit to lead and to guide.


I look to the future, and through Christmases past.

The coming year promises to be just as fast.

Life will rush on. It cannot stand still.

Time passes, and passes. But it’s mine to fill.

And so I’m reminded of what I can be,

And what I must do in the time before me.img_2643


6 thoughts on “In lieu of a Christmas update letter

  1. Wow! Great poem! You should at least send that out to our aunts and uncles and cousins I think. I like the snow too 🙂 Can’t wait to see you soon and take you out to a movie since I still haven’t paid you.

  2. Did you write that? Wow. I am seriously sitting here in tears, even though it’s been weeks since Christmas. I am going to print that out for myself. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks!

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