What I hate that I do.

I’ve been trying to think up something clever to post all week and the best I could come up with was a list of things I hate about myself, or things that I do of my own volition that I hate. But it was depressing so I decided to try and turn that list into a good thing, or at least something vaguely humorous.

The top thing on that list was FACEBOOK. I love it, I hate it, I spend WAY too much time on it.

"I hate so much the things that you choose to be."

My favorite thing on Facebook is making up my ‘status.’ Every time you sign on the facebook asks you the same question: ‘What are you doing right now?’ and then has a blank space that says, ‘Miranda (is)…’ just waiting for your reply to this ever pertinent question.

I’ve been a member of Facebook since January of 2007, and sadly, I have update my status almost every day. Sometimes I just put the first thing that pops into my head, a song lyric, or a movie quote, and some times it’s a real reflection on something I’ve been thinking about or doing—or a combination of all of these. The funny thing is I now find myself thinking of life in terms of a ‘status.’ I think appeals to my direct and simple nature.


Here are some of my favorites from the last couple of months:

Miranda had a really nice day.

Miranda rises and shouts “The Cougars are Out!”.

Miranda Master of Disaster.

Miranda caused a stir.

Miranda is a loser, baby.

Miranda still has some muscle memory for 1-1, Super Mario Brothers.

Miranda would make an awful Republican.

Miranda may be a lover, but she aint no dancer.

Miranda wants millions of peaches. Peaches for free.

Miranda + Grad school application=Dah DAH DHAN.

Miranda disregards her alarm clock.

Miranda, not very convincing.

Miranda believes that a little sea-bathing would set her up for ever.

Miranda wants to get back to the good life.


From this list it appears that most of my ‘status’ are based off of song lyrics. Six out of this list, if you count the Cougar fight song. I wish I could say that the time I have just spent reflecting on how much I hate Facebook had lead me to a resolve to stop or at least curtail the time I spend with it, but the truth is it hasn’t. I guess it can stay at the top of the list of ‘things I hate that I do’ until I somehow become a better, stronger, less faux-socially connected person.


2 thoughts on “What I hate that I do.

  1. Well at least you’re not alone. I think many (if not most) people (Americans at least) are addicted to the computer on some website. For now, I’ll be grateful I don’t have a facebook account.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I’m obsessed with the status updates. And seriously, I constantly want to change it to song lyrics, too. But for me, my bane is chatting. It’s so much easier to and quicker to talk to someone, yet for some reason, I spend too much time chatting. Ugh.

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