Start spreading the news: New York, New York

Today I made an important purchase. As I clicked on ‘purchase’ these words came out of my mouth, “My family is going to think I am crazy.”


You will be the judge.


I’ve been planning to go for a long time, maybe forever. Second to London, Broadway was always my dream destination.

I tried to figure out how to go last fall, but it didn’t work out because of money and work.

I tried to figure it out last month, but it didn’t work out because of other people.

I have the money, and I have the time. I just didn’t have any friends that had the same conveniences. Then today got a message from a friend saying they really would like to go, and before I knew it I purchased a ticket.

Tickets were $80 cheaper today (the date may have had something to do with it, sadly) than they were last time I looked at them. At $318, including taxes, how could I say no?

My friend Lisa still has to get the time off and scrape together the money, but I realized when she suggested it just how much I really wanted to go and realized I don’t care if I have to go alone.

Alone. (I just heard Amy’s jaw drop.) It wouldn’t be the end of the world. I wandered around London alone and had a ball. I smiled so much that I even got stopped by locals and asked for directions. I will be really busy while I’m there. I want to check out NYU’s theatre grad program, see ground zero, the statue of liberty, not to mention see as many Broadway shows as possible.

So call me crazy if you want, but this girl is heading east. I warned you about Antsinthepants. They are really itchy, and I’m going to start scratching.

I’ll be driving down to Vegas October 16th and arriving back on Monday the 20th. I think this is a good length of trip. Enough time to get done what I need to, and time enough for unexpected adventures. Just the way I like them.


5 thoughts on “Start spreading the news: New York, New York

  1. Whoah!

    (And unrelated to the whoah)- that seems like a great price. I will be going to Disneyland’s trick or treat party with mom and Sal (and 4 kids) on the day you leave. I still feel pretty adventurous driving to California by myself.
    Of course you’ll have a wonderful time alone, but I hope your friend ends up being able to go.

  2. Ok that was funny! I was picking my jaw off the floor when i read “I can hear Amy’s jaw drop” Not that it won’t be fun It would be a blast but is that safe ALONE! Also I would never want to do something so FUN alone. I have never even seen a movie alone. I just wish I could join you. (I am needing a vacation right now.) So have fun I will be praying your friend goes w/ you.

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