I’ve been in this town since last May. That is almost 6 months longer than I have lived continuously in any one place since leaving home at 17, and that was a while ago. I don’t think there is anything wrong with not settling down for long periods of time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my semi nomadic existence. Moving, across town or across hemispheres, always excites me. I make friends pretty easily, enjoy exploring new places, and love to decorate, so uprooting myself is usually cause to celebrate.

Moving here was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I have, but my reason for being ready to move on are beginning to pile up.

Here are a few:

  1. I have met my quota of cool friends.
  2. I know all the back road short cuts, and have some of the lights timed out perfectly.
  3. I am very close to my goal of eating at every restaurant in town.
  4. I’ve got no Mr. Right holding me here.
  5. I have seen this town in every season.
  6. It’s to the point that I can’t run an errand without running into some one I know.
  7. 20 Freshmen girls just moved into my single’s ward—They were born in 1990. I don’t want anymore ‘Kylies’ in my life.
  8. I’m not getting any younger, and grad school won’t be getting any cheaper.
  9. I had to get a Utah drivers license already. Ewww.
  10. The longer I stay the greater the risk of my good grammar skills being overpowered by a Southern Utah accent.

This brings me to the PLAN.

Next stop Boston U, in Boston, Massachusetts. I am starting the application for next fall very soon. Here are some reasons why I would like to go to Boston.

  1. It has B and U in its name. I like that about all institutions of higher learning.
  2. They have a prestigious MFA program in Theatre Education Outreach.
  3. It’s in Boston, and I’ve wanted to live ‘back East’ since I knew what East meant.
  4. From what I understand , if I can get in, they pay for the program and I get a teaching stipend.
  5. From what I hear the church in Boston has an excellent single’s program.

That’s enough for me. Wish me luck.  

8 thoughts on “Antsinthepants-itis:

  1. Wow Rand! That is an exciting plan! 🙂 I’m not sure you need a list for people to understand why you’re ready to move on from Cedar City but it was a fun list anyway! Good luck with the application

  2. Did you mean for it to sound like a disease? Like something-itis? Because I think you forgot an “i”. Maybe Southern Utah is taking effect and that’s how they pronounce it…

  3. I love your reasons for moving! I think I’d cry if I had to get a UT drivers license. (Does that make me a California-Mormon snob? I hope not.)

    Good luck with the Boston plan and WHEN you move take lots of pictures, it would be nice to know what seasons look like 🙂

    (this is your cousin Kristy btw; not to be confused with one of your really cool friends with the same name!)

  4. I totally understand. When I moved back to Cedar in 2002, I never expected to still be here 6 years later! Now I’ve gone and bought a house here, which I don’t regret, but I love it so much that I worry I’ll never leave it.

    I think it’s great that you have plans to move, though I’m glad they don’t seem to be immediate – I enjoy when I get to hang out with you!

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