The Trouble with a Media Craving is:

I need some Liam Neeson now!
I need some Liam Neeson now!

Tonight I got a craving, not my usual Chocolate X-treme Blizzard from DQ craving, no, I got a craving for some Jean Val Jean on screen. Creating my book list (The Book List Page @ the top) made me re-read a few of my favorite passages of Les Miserables last week. Also, a couple of weekends ago I saw a pretty stellar production of the musical a little ways south of here.

I was just cruising off the highway when it hit, and I thought, ‘Perfect, Hollywood video (the only real video store in this town) is almost directly on my rout home.’ Alas! On the La—Ju wall of the Drama section it is not to be found! I go ask the fat clerk behind the counter (no joke, he is the Prototype of video store managers—I really like him). He tells me, joy!, they have two copies, Alas!, one is checked out. He kindly escorts me back to the La—Ju wall of the Drama section and looks for the second copy himself. Alas! He seems to remember that it came back damaged. But Joy!, he kindly informs me that the public library, of which, yes, I am a card holder, has a copy. And Joy!, it is the one with the dude from Star Wars (Neither of us could remember Liam Neeson’s name at that pivotal moment.) ‘Joy!’  think I, ‘I didn’t know that the library carried good movies, log that one in the memory bank.’ I thank him kindly and depart. Checking my handy phone/watch I discover I have only fourteen minuets in which to get to the library. I think ‘What if they close before I arrive? Or perchance it is not available! I wouldn’t want to make that three minuet drive for naught.’ Joy! I remember that I saved the number in my phone last summer! When at last I speak to the gruff librarian she informs me that Alas! ‘the two copies the library owns are both overdue and she has no idea when they will be returned.’

So, here I am, unsatisfied because the people of this smelly town go around damaging and not returning DVDs. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to look into downloading movies from i-Tunes.

 i-Tunes. Ahh. I can hear the people sing.





One thought on “The Trouble with a Media Craving is:

  1. Wow. Last time I checked the public library, their DVD section wasn’t very good at all. I’ll have to give them another chance.

    Also. Next time you have a craving like that, call me.

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