But what does it mean?

 I like this picture. It is an odd Picasso. 

The title I chose for my blog is a term my BYU theatre friends and I used to banter around for fun back in our Theory class-395. It is both fun and hard to say, and guarantees you will sound smart. Basically, it is a term that the great modern playwright Bertolt Brecht created to mean he always wanted his audience to be aware that they were in a theatre. Professor Valentine Cunningham of Oxford puts it this way:

“It is “the effect that makes things seem strange or different”. The term refers to the use of various devices to make things appear in a new light, so we consider them with intellectual objectivity, robbed of their conventional outward appearance… When something is presented in a strange or surprising manner and we see it afresh, a Verfremdungseffekt has been achieved.”

That is how I feel about life sometimes. I try not to over think things, but to always be aware that my life is sometimes like a play in which I am just one character. I can act and react to the situations I am presented with, but no matter what, I can maintain an element of an outsiders perspective allowing me to laugh at my foibles, and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

It creates a bit of a balancing act between not getting too cynical or over analytical and not being lulled into a false sense of security. That is my life, a little.

8 thoughts on “But what does it mean?

  1. I have the same thing. Sometimes the theatrics of life can lead my to cynicism, but the cynicism and theatrics usually lead to a whole new level of reality within the theatrics. It’s a crazy cycle.

  2. Encourage, I guess. To me it’s related to eternal perspective. I think it’s healthy to have an ‘out of body eye’ that lets you laugh at yourself and be mindful of long term goals.

  3. I got it, Rand. It happens to me pretty often that I have a quasi-out of body experience, where I see myself as someone I’m watching. Also kind of like I don’t really belong here, nor am I actually just here. Did my other comment ever post, about our seeing life (particularly school) as one big joke?

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