The Outting of an Introvert

Today I was standing in line at quiki-serve restaurant with my new ipod in one ear and my cell phone on the other and it occurred to me: I am on display. This was extremely discomfiting as I was also wearing sweaty gym clothes and had streaky eye makeup. Less than an hour later I was sitting, looking much more presentable, in a local theatre production of ‘Brighton Beach Memorirs’ remembering how I, like Eugene used to sit in my room giving soliloquies to an invisible TV audience. (I was so ahead of the times on the reality show idea…if only.) These events, in addition to a long talk with a good friend and blogger, convinced me to get started for better or worse. She assures me that few people will be reading this anyway, and I am doing this more as an artistic venture and writing exercise than out of self-imposed record keeping requirement.

5 thoughts on “The Outting of an Introvert

  1. I hope you like it so far. I like the artistic venture notion you describe. I have found it nice that I can post about whatever the heck I want. It can be interesting, or very not interesting. I can write whatever I am feeling. And hopefully through writing a bunch of random things, I can get a sense of who I am artistically, socially, etc.

    And I am sooo glad that you are going to fight my war with me! Pronunciation snobs unite!

    (We’re not even SNOBS. I mean, is it unreasonable to expect this of other people?)

    I miss you!

  2. Like the blog Rand. With all the knowledge from all the books you read floating around in that brain, it should make for an interesting blog. Also, I am really looking forward to seeing you soon! You obviously love us to come out here in this heat.

  3. V-effect is kind of what I said to you about school a long time ago. Just pretend it’s all a big joke. I think Brecht would agree, probably more sardonically than I mean it. Just that it’s good, and more spiritually genuine I think, to look at your life as something constructed. I’m getting close to taking the plunge with my own blog. My toes are gripping the edge of the pool.

  4. Yikes! I am so outclassed here. V-effect?? Verdumskoffen…Apparently high school numbs the brain cells. And sadly I’m just getting ready to dive in again–a very different kind of pool than Sally has in mind.

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